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2016 Award Ceremony

This year the Award Ceremony was held in the newly refurbished City Centre and the Roman Amphitheatre that lies beneath the Guildhall Yard. The Ceremony is sponsored by J. B. Riney & Co Ltd.

The Roman Amphitheatre was accessed through  The City Centre. It was rediscovered in 1988 hidden beneath Guildhall Yard. Built in AD70 as a simple wooden structure, the amphitheatre was rebuilt in the early 2nd century taking its capacity up to 6,000 people. After the Romans abandoned Britain in the 4th century, the amphitheatre was dismantled; much of it was carried away and used for building material. As London grew in population, the site was gradually built over and forgotten. Today the arena has been partially excavated and provided an extraordinary, atmospheric venue for our Award Ceremony.

You can see a gallery of our award winners here and a gallery of the winning gardens here.

City in Bloom 2016

2016 has been another brilliant year for City in Bloom. We were delighted to welcome J. B. Riney and Co. Ltd.  as our sponsor this year. The competition opened on 1st May and over 130 entries have been received from residents, City businesses and institutions, schools and community groups.

CiB brings together the wide community of gardeners in the City to celebrate and promote biodiversity, horticultural expertise, excellence of design and careful maintenance. We reward best practice, community and staff involvement and accessibility. CiB is above all fun; our volunteers love meeting all the entrants and delight in the infinite variety of our wonderful green spaces.